Sunday, December 4, 2011

51 bottles Of Polish On The Bed

Yes that is my lame interpretation of "99 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall". You see what is here are 50 bottles of nail polish. There is one additional bottle in the car.

I obviously have a love of the enamel. My little sister would scoff at this count. She probably has double the amount.... but she does not have a debt problem. So let's get into why I brought up the subject. I have decided to not buy any new nail polish until I have applied each of these colours to my nails on two different occasions. On top of that, every time I switch to a new colour I will collect $5.00 into a jar.

Why $5.00? I figure that is the average price I paid for each bottle. Can you imagine? Look at that picture. Folks you are looking at approximately $255.00 worth of polish! I figure if I stick to this plan, then that pays for plane fare for one and a half persons. HELLO!!!

I will be placing the jar in a secret place. I would love to show the Hubby what I collected. It would be an amazing surprise.

Another reason why I'm doing this? It's a heck of a reminder that I should stop purchasing items I really don't need. As I repaint my nails, I will be sure to update you on the amount of dollars collected. My own little Nail Polish Challenge.

So. Have what have you done to curb your spending on some of your favourite things?

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