I'm Dee.  Welcome to my personal financial blog.

Sigh.... I've been in debt for as long as I could remember.  As a child, I grew up in a family that ran away from creditors.  I was shy, and it probably didn't help that I didn"t have the coolest toys or clothing. 

Then I turned 17 and got my first job.  I began to experienced a feeling of entitlement.  It was my time to have anything I wanted.  I bought the nicest clothes and didn't save for anything.  Once  Igot to college, and visited the credit card booths, it was game over.  Or maybe the games began? 

Running away from debt instead of not dealing with it.

I'm now 40 something.  I am married.  I have RRSPs, a home, not a lot of liquid savings and of course some debt.  What is different though, is I am now confronting my debt... and feeling like I'm able to breath. 

I want to be a responsible wife.  I want to retire comfortably. I want to be prepared for emergencies. I want to enjoy life. And .... I want to look and feel fabulous, but do so being debt free.

Join me as I journal my way to financial freedom.

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