2012 Goals

Long Term Goals

1.  Save $2000 in our Emergency Fund by April
- There is nothing worse than knowing that if we were to have some type of emergency at home or with the car, we would have no other alternative than to use our credit cards. For once, I would like to feel as though our lives are not like a deck of cards.

2.  Continue to stash away $5 every time I paint my nails (and Not purchase a new nail polish for 5 months)
- Just another entertaining way to stash away some cash. I own 51 bottles of nail polish.  Now I do not purchase anymore nail polish.  I put away $5 every time I change my nail colour. Look to the right of my blog. You will see a total of monies collected there.

3.  Maintain a spending log
- I am not always too sure where my money ends up. Dollarama, Home Depot, who knows. My weekly spending money slips through fingers like water. And then I use my debit card. Not cool.

4.  Maintain my budget chart and apply the amount left over to debt
- I need a visual so I can see and be impressed by how much I am not spending. Then I can say "yes... I have extra money to put towards debt."

5.  Pay off 35% of debt owing
- Our mortgage is up for renewal in 2014. This year I would like for us to work our debt down by 35% for 2012, and another 40% by the end of 2013. I am hoping that we will have greater chance to negotiate a lower mortgage rate with less debt.

Short Term Goals

A.  By End of January organize my closet "for real"
- I have always wanted a walk-in closet and I finally have been blessed with one.  Unfortunately mine looks pretty grim. It is a mess. Look out for an eventual post, and some (ahem) before and after shots.

B.  Clean my car and maintain by End of January
- Same as my closet.... Ridiculous.

So... what are some of your goals for 2012?

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