Friday, December 9, 2011

I could have saved $12.75

I could have had a no spend day if I had avoided seeing The Muppet Movie today.  My Mom is over for a few days, and we thought it would be nice to check out a movie.  While there are not many movies out right now that we would both enjoy, there are quite a few light movies.

Light meaning animated or with fuzzy creatures.  The movies up for discussion were The Muppet Movie and Puss In Boots.  I wanted to see Puss In Boots a spin off from the Shrek movies.  I always thought Shrek was incredibly comical.  Well 1 and 2 anyway…. Not 3.  Puss In Boots received awesome reviews.  Like 4.5 stars out of 5.  It is supposed to be fall off your seat funny.  Like Shrek, it would have humour that would not only appeal to children but definitely to adults as well.

Mom wanted to see The Muppet Movie. It received a lower rating of 3.5 out of 5.  Not a bad review.  I just knew it wasn’t going to be crazy funny.  Since she was a guest in my home, we went with her choice.

Once we arrived in the lobby of the theatre I got a little antsy.  It was early Friday afternoon and the place was packed with crazy line-ups!  It was obvious that they were under staffed. We waited 20 minutes in line to buy our tickets and confections. Strike one.

When we got to the candy bar, Mom ordered a medium coffee.  She watched as the employee poured her coffee.  Have you ever had a Tim Horton’s small coffee?  Well the cashier rung up that size for $2.75!  You could see Mom start to percolate.  The cashier began to look for a lid, and could not find one. She still brought the uncovered coffee back to the counter and informed Mom that she could not find any lids.  Really?  Let’s just say that my Mother made it clear to her that the coffee sale was now cancelled.  Strike two.

We went to have our tickets ripped, and the usher gave us incorrect directions theatre 3 where the movie was being shown. Strike three.

The movie began 10 minutes late. Strike four.  We were inundated with a gazillion commercials.  Strike five. And then we sat through 2 film shorts and five trailers.  All geared towards very young children.  I really wanted for us to leave and get our money back, but Mom was not having it.  As soon as the movie began, my intuition told me that we were heading towards strike 10.. 

Now don’t get me wrong.  If you have young kids, The Muppet Movie is the perfect film.  If you are my age or my Mother’s… you may consider this movie “painful to watch”. A direct quote from Mom.

So how could I have saved $12.75? 
- $6.75 was the cost of the movie
- $6.00 was the cost of my Peanut M&Ms.

As we drove away from the movie theatre, Mom turned to me and said. “You were right.  We should have seen Puss In Boots.”

Really?  Strike eleven for you Mother.

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